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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Deborah Tennen’s entry from “The Washington Post” includes many important types of visual design.  The most notable of these would have to be proximity and alignment.  As soon as you see her writing you notice this picture right smack in the middle of the words.  I believe this to be the writer’s or designer’s intentions.  They find it important for the reader to notice this picture because of the way it complements the text.  Contrast is another element this text employs into its arrangement.  The way the picture is surrounded in white and right in the center of the page attracts the eyes of its readers.  In her second article, “Agonism in the Academy…” there are similar elements used to draw attention to certain things.  This design uses alignment, proximity, repetition, contrast and font to get its point across.  The designer takes a quote out of the text, centrally aligns it on the page, makes it larger font, puts it in bold, and puts dark lines above and below it to make sure it looked significant.  This makes the reader notice this quote and remember that this is a point the writer wants to get across to the audience.  In her final writing, Tannen uses an interesting design.  In this entry there is no quote or picture to draw the reader’s attention to.  She opens with an abstract and then separates it with a dark line and then enters the credentials behind that.  It seemed strange to me for her to set the writing up this way, but it may have been a legal issue if she did not design it this way.  She then continues to her introduction and overview.  Her setup titles her abstract, intro, and overview.  I found this writing to be less apealing to me without the use of the elements from the book.  It shows me that these elements are important to appealing to your readers and getting your point across.


I have a few ideas about how I am going to organize my issue draft.  I will start off my paper by introducing my topic to the reader.  I will develop a hook to keep my reader interested and make sure to fully introduce my topic.  After that I will move on to give the background information on my topic. I will discuss how video games started, why people think that the violence in games is related to violence in children, and why so many people are concerned about this. I will discuss the studies that have been recently conducted by today’s doctors and the results they have gathered from those experiments.  I will make sure to include the results from the experiments that found that video games were the problem and the results from the tests that found the games were not a problem.  I will then move on to my first body paragraph.  I will be doing my body paragraphs on problem at hand and a possible solution for that problem.  I will talk about how if the violent games are making children violent we could find a way to inform the parents that these games are bad for their children and they should seriously consider not allowing their kids to play them.  Although it would be easier to ban the games altogether, I believe it is extremely unconstitutional and against the people’s rights.  I will then conclude my paper by discussing how someone in the future may find a way to regulate the violent games in a way that makes most people happy.