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In revising my papers there are many different techniques I will use.  I will use some of the things the book mentions like the questions for focus, content, and organization.  The question I will most likely use first is from the content section.  It asks, how effectively does your essay fulfill the commitment stated or implied by the thesis.  I believe this is one of the most important questions I have to ask myself.  If the paper does not follow the thesis then the whole thing will be wrong.  Then, I should think about what details, evidence, or counterarguments would make my paper stronger.  Then, I will take the time to dig through my paper and find things that are irrelevant to my topic and remove them.  At some point i will need to see how effective my organization is.  If I need to change it in anyway I will do so.  I would like to sift through my sentences and figure out if any of them are too short and choppy.  If some are I would change them to be more fluent.  The book says to try reading my work out loud so that I can literally hear how my wording sounds.  I do not believe I will have much to revise in my paper, but the things I will have to revise will be major in the completion of my paper.  I hope that I can finish revising each paper efficiently so that a good grade is reflected by my work.


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