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Monthly Archives: October 2012

This article was quite interesting partly because of the topics he touched on and partly because i had never heard of amazon deleting items from people’s kindles.  Ulin makes a point to say its not the problem that amazon did erase people’s items, but that they can do it.  I agree with his statement that the company should not be allowed to remove an item a person has already purchased.  The company should leave the product out on the consumers’ kindles and deal with the consequences that follow.  The company should have paid more attention to who they were getting their product from before they sold the item.  As for Ulin’s thoughts on de-ranking certain writers for their sexuality, the company owns te product, and it is their right to do what they want with it.  It may not be fair to those writers, but it is the way ownership works.  One thing I did not like about this article is that Ulin talks about how Amazon is changing the books and history.  It is not like Amazon owns every copy ever made of that book and they are changing the story to brainwash the community.  The way he puts it makes it sound like The Book of Eli where the people round up and burn every bible they can find and destroy them so the people do not know about it.  Amazon deleted a book from the public that was not theirs to sell.  This most likely avoided many law suits against their company for selling or displaying ownership of an item they did not own.


In revising my papers there are many different techniques I will use.  I will use some of the things the book mentions like the questions for focus, content, and organization.  The question I will most likely use first is from the content section.  It asks, how effectively does your essay fulfill the commitment stated or implied by the thesis.  I believe this is one of the most important questions I have to ask myself.  If the paper does not follow the thesis then the whole thing will be wrong.  Then, I should think about what details, evidence, or counterarguments would make my paper stronger.  Then, I will take the time to dig through my paper and find things that are irrelevant to my topic and remove them.  At some point i will need to see how effective my organization is.  If I need to change it in anyway I will do so.  I would like to sift through my sentences and figure out if any of them are too short and choppy.  If some are I would change them to be more fluent.  The book says to try reading my work out loud so that I can literally hear how my wording sounds.  I do not believe I will have much to revise in my paper, but the things I will have to revise will be major in the completion of my paper.  I hope that I can finish revising each paper efficiently so that a good grade is reflected by my work.

This piece of writing was very interesting to me in the sense that I know these things are incorrect, but I pay no attention to them.  The way she points out little things from advertisements and newspapers makes it seem like people these days care nothing about being grammatically correct.  I like the way that the writer stands up for what is grammatically correct even though people think of her as being a know-it-all with no life.  We need more people like her to stand up for the punctuation and grammar.  I believe that if we keep heading down the road we are on, it will only get worse and worse.  In all honesty, I wish I knew grammar and punctuation as well as the writer does.  I am constantly questioning the things I write down because that either do not sound correct or they do not look correct.  I also enjoyed some of the sayings she used such as, “A cat has claws at the end of its paws, A comma’s a pause at the end of a clause”.  The many things she points out in movies, “its, it’s, and its’, and newspaper articles makes me realize that many people do not recognize these things as an issue and that is a problem.  People should have been taught that these things are majorly important in the English language.  I believe that people should pay more attention to these types of things so that future generations do not misinterpret these things as being correct.