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Each article presented conveys their view on the way the Apple commercials are unique in that they do not really advertise their product.  The three essays provide many examples of this.  Each states how Apple plays their commercial, which has nothing to do with the product, and then shows their icon afterwards.  This was indeed a unique and effective way of advertisement.  The first writer, Stevenson, talks about the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials.  He talks about how the actors say random things that are “better” on Mac than on PC.  I, like Stevenson, feel as if “…they don’t make me want to buy a Mac”.  The actors exaggerate about small differences between Mac and PC, like the “Out of the Box” commercial that stated PC takes much longer to start up.  Stevenson states, “I bought a new ThinkPad notebook…and it ran on all cylinders pretty much straight out of the gate”.  The student writer, focuses on the ethos side, and the “brand advertising”.  This relates to Scott’s essay by her saying “…this spot had broken every rule of the advertising game.  There was no product…and only minimal corporate identification”.  Later she uses cause and effect to show how “200,000 people lined up to buy the computers”. The student writer states that the company creates “…an image of the company and its product that a potential customer can identify with”.  The commercial showed historical icons who were deemed strange or crazy, and the company related that to their product.   These three essays share many conceptual ideas about the way the product was advertised, but they each have their own point of view and rhetorical skills on the topic.


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