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While reading through the assigned chapters I came across an interesting essay by a man named Amitai Etzioni.  It was titled Less Privacy Is Good for Us (and You).  This speaks out to me as a writer because I recently wrote a response to a new bill that was coming out that would allow the government to moderate everything people viewed on the internet.  As a gamer, this was a potential danger of banning violence games from the internet, which includes most of them.  A group of friends and I decided to conduct a letter stating why the people needed their freedom to access the internet freely.  Our gaming community’s forum was even posted on by a government official who also played the game.  He assured us that he and many other officials were doing everything they could to keep the bill from going through.  Freely using the internet to play games has influenced the kind of person I am.  I have met people from different regions and cultural backgrounds.  Therefore, if I am required to write a topic on the people of Northern United States, I will have personal references and prior knowledge to help me write accurately.  Even though we are using the internet to play games, they are learning experiences as well.  I recent years I have witnessed my typing skills increase dramatically.  I used to type slower than a man with one hand.  Then, after picking up gaming, my typing speed, accuracy, and skill skyrocketed.  This allowed me to write more papers in a much smaller time frame.  Now, if i feel like I want to pick up writing stories again, I will not get frustrated by how slow I would have finished the papers.  Our privacy as people should be kept from the government even if it means a criminal is not caught.  For that percentage of criminals caught by enacting the government into the lives of people, how many people’s lives will be ruined by their employers learning that they did one stupid thing when they were 18 to 20 years old?  Is it really worth it to ruin those people’s lives for the sake of a small percentage of others? I do not believe so, and hopefully the government will realize that too.


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